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Concept Floor

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Based on the theme of the "tranquility of Okayama," we are proud to introduce our new Concept Floor, which is uniquely Japanese in character and appeals to an Okayama-style of taste. The floor's elevator lobby, hallways, and guest rooms display a touch of the scenery and gardens that Okayama is known for. Local art and other traditional goods are also featured. Above all, the floor provides a place for guests from outside the prefecture or overseas to fully experience all that is Okayama. The warm hospitality that is a hallmark of Hotel Granvia Okayama provides guests with a peaceful environment to relax in.

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The elevator hall is designed to represent the natural beauty of Okayama. An Original grating featuring a peach, the prefectural flower, is used as an accent in the hall, and the hall is decorated with a vase produced by Bizen ware artist "Masayuki Hoshi," who has strong ties to Okayama.
A carpet represents peach blossoms along a stream that moistens the garden and the flower petals on the water. The carpet guides you from the elevator hall to your room.

Elevator hall

Concept Double Room

This room represents the "Korakuen Garden," one of Okayama's famous spots, and the carpet is designed based upon a peach, Okayama’s prefectural flower; thus the carpet gives the room’s interior a conformable, modern Japanese atmosphere. The paper-cutouts decorating the guest room are the works of a paper-cutout painter "Osamu Kubo," who is also a special tourism envoy of Okayama. Each room has independent taste with a choice of one of four types of paper-cutouts: ”Korakuen Garden’” “Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter,” ”Scenery of the Seto Inland Sea,”or “Hometown of Bizenware.” Japanese Bichu-style paper is used for indirect lighting, which gives the room a relaxed and comfortable light.

In each room, teacups produced by the Bizenware artist "Hiroyuki Matsui" are available. It enables you to enjoy tea time in your room while feeling the hospitality of Okayama.

Bizen Cup

Bed Tempur pillow

Meticulous preparation of bedding by the staff of Hotel Granvia Okayama guarantees a comfortable sleep.

[Bed and tempur pillow] We have introduced a special mattress (made by FrancebeD) that is designed exclusively for "Hotel Granvia Okayama" and is superior in elasticity and stability. Adding a tempur pillow of functionality and design further enhances your sleeping environment.

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